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Veterinary Digital Portable X-ray Machine
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Medical Imaging Comments

CONTEC CMS600P2-Vet Veterinary use Portable Laptop B-Ultra Sound Scanner Machine for Horse/Equine/Cow/Sheep use

Easy to use. Good size, not that I know much about ultrasounds or have used another to compare with but I have been able to confirm pregnancy on my goats and a dog. Haven’t played with it much with cattle though.



KWS XD-300-50W Veterinary/Medical Portable Endoscope Xenon Cold Light Source

It works as expected. I am happy with it that I ordered a second unit.



S3 Full Digital WIFI Wireless Handheld Vet Ultrasound Scanner Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

It works awesome, I highly recommend this ultrasound. I’m about to purchase another one

Janette Trejo


Sonostar V6 Portable B/W Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound Diagnostic System IP65 Waterproof

These are as good as other from a veterinary supplier! I will order again!