Veterinary Wood‘s Lamp

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Veterinary Wood‘s Lamp Comments

JNR Veterinary Wood's Lampe Skin Diagnostic Equipment pet 365nm LED UV Lamp Veterinary Medical Woods Lamp

Great for finding ringworm on my cat’s ear even in daylight. Depending on the type of species, the black light can be helpful in locating ringworm infections. It glowed a bright apple green. It’s a perfect light if you’re looking at a small surface area.



Veterinary Wood‘s Lamp Skin Analysis UV Magnifying Analyzer

Pretty much everything you will put under this light and it will amaze you. Things like clothes, cell phones, ID...very cool

Diane Carroll


Veterinary Wood‘s Lamp Pet Fungus Detection Ultraviolet Cat Moss Tinea Light 365 UV

It has a significant amount of visible light output that I was not expecting. I cannot comment on the 365 nm output since I have no way of measuring the wavelength or intensity, but it does indeed have a UV component. Battery life and light source lifetime are not known at this time.

Richard Guest