Warranty Policy


Warranty: the guarantee of our products is 1 year. Before shipping out, all goods have been double verified by Ivetsupply.com. Our test engineer will check for quality, including check the basic function of the hardware and software, the appearance, the packing, the necessary accessories and power adapter plug standard.  After finish quality check,our QC stuff will carefully do quality check and paste our own QC label in the form of month/date/year on every product.

All the products are originally goods; the quality is guaranteed directly by the manufacturers, more detaill , please consult the warranty. Products,within the warranty period, under the scope of damage of the quality assurance, we can exchange or fix the items for the customers. out of the website maintenance period ,customers can contact the manufacturer or us to get corresponding services according to the terms of the maintenance of product warranty.

If you have any using problem of the products which buy from Ivetsupply.com, please feedback to us first, and we will discuss the issue with you. Via our technical support, we can dig out your using problem via our technical support in most of cases.

Note:If equipment is damaged due to incorrect operation, such as incorrect wiring, incorrect voltages, incorrect temperatures, etc., then Ivetsupply considers these failures to be customer-generated, and in these cases repair and shipment would be at the customer’s expense.



Lost Products: If products get lost in delivery, or you still do not get your item for a long time, please contact our customer service timely. We will deal with this ASAP. Please do not deal with it all by yourself, we want you communicate with us. Usually, we will provide tracking number and tracking link timely. If products get lost on the way and we get confirm from couriers, we will arrange redelivery for your products.

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