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Feather Teaser Toy Electric Cat Pet Toys Interactive Rotating Funny Teaser Toys

Works like a charm for my two cats. Can’t replace the human contact though.



Cat Laser Toy Automatic Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

Chose this toy over others for the flexibility of location, motion detection, and the fact that it doesn't just go in a circle. I was hoping the pattern would change, it is always the same, and my cat knows this. She figured it out asap. But she still likes it. She is a bengal, high energy all the time. Sometimes she runs after the laser, Sometimes she sits beside it and watches it. Either way, she likes it and I am glad I purchased, even if she doesn't play with it as I thought she would. I have found if I put things in the way of the laser from time to time (change it up) she gets a real kick out of it. Like, put a big box in the way, she played chase the laser in the box for an hour.