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KWS® 36W Hanging Surgical Lights KD-202D-3B

KWS® 36W Hanging Surgical Lights KD-202D-3B

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KWS® 36W Hanging Surgical Lights KD-202D-3B

I am a veterinary and have spent thousands on surgical lampe over the years. For the price you can not beat these. I could not be happier.

Hanan Alsilk


KWS KD-2012D-3C 36W LED Veterinary Surgical Lighting CE Ceiling Mounted

Works like a dream. Use it everyday in my veterinary surgical room



Micare JD1700 LED Veterinary Shadowless LightOperation Lamp Ceiling Mounted

Very cool. It does the job ment for. Bright light and it can be dimmed.



Veterinary LED Surgical Headlight + 3.5X420mm Leather Headband Loupe DY-106

Was glad to get he headlight a fortnight before time indicated at purchase. Was pleasantly surprised to get one additional spare rechargeable battery. Helps me immensely in my veterinary consulting practice.