• Genrui BA600VET Veterinary Urine Analyzer
  • Genrui BA600VET Veterinary Urine Analyzer

Genrui BA600VET Veterinary Urine Analyzer

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Genrui BA600VET Veterinary Urine Analyzer


Product Description:
BA600VET is a compact semi-auto urine analyzer with touch screen, user-friendly software. Built-in thermal printer allows user to print results automatically.

1.Compact sized control box with precise small & strong
2.Animal species: Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine, Porcine, Others
3.Inch touch screen
4.Strips: 11 parameters
5.100 samples/hour
6.Dual wavelength reflectance test method
7.Auto & manual test mode
8.Thermal printer, auto & manual print
9.Less and easy maintenance
10.12 months warranty

General technology:
Test Principle:Dual wavelength reflectance method
Light Source:Cold Lamp with high brightness and long lifetime
Wavelength: 520nm,640nm,660nm
Test Mode:Single and Continuous test mode are select able Throughput:120 Strips/Hour
Test Slot:Using Sliding Slot, Easy to clean and replace, Lower the Carryover Screen:Touch screen
Parameters:11 Parameters(Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity,Blood,pH,Protein,Urobilinogen, Nitrite,Leukocyte, Vitamin C
Strip:Original WONDCON strip, 1 bottle: 100 strips

Instrument classification : Class II
Wavelength : 520nm,640nm,660nm
Sample type : urine
Output : Internal printer
Interface : RS 232



Genrui BA600VET

Sample type



2,000 results Input:5 inch touch screen, support bar code


Internal printer


RS 232

Printer paper




 Genrui BA600VET Veterinary Urine Analyzer 



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The monitor is easy to use, comes with a very detailed and understandable instructions booklet, and provides accurate readings.


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